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[Symbian Theme] – Lighting

9 luglio 2011 58 commenti

Thanks to:

Giulio7g (help me in c6 news)

Salvo, Alle64, Mj, SimoG and others (for test)

for download:

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[Symbian Theme] – Symbian ^3

5 maggio 2010 102 commenti


This version is more similar to Symbian^3 theme, with original nokia wall.

-Softkey pressed changed

-Highlights pressed changed

-N97 analog clock changed

Thanks to:

Dhanusaud (for syambian original wall)

Salvo (for n97 screens)

for download:

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[Coming soon] – Symbian ^3 Theme!

26 febbraio 2010 196 commenti

Hello everybody!

I’ve seen recently the Symbain ^3 video, and I wanted remake by myself the theme 😉

here some screen of the video..

and here a preview of the theme 🙂

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